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Electrical Engineers Insurance


Electrical engineer insuranceElectrical engineers insurance is essential whether you are working on small scale projects like working on computer & integrated circuits or larger scale electrical systems like power transmission or motor control. Accidents can happen at any stage of any project and if you have given incorrect advice then you could be liable. Without the correct electrical engineers insurance this could mean big trouble and huge expense.

What Does Electrical Engineers Insurance Include?

All good electrical engineers insurance policies should include professional indemnity insurance (also known as PI insurance). This form of insurance protects you against these risks and allows you to get on with your next job without having to worry about previous work. In summary, it protects your electrical engineering business in the event that you impart incorrect advice, lose vital documents or breach confidentiality agreements; PI insurance is essential insurance within an electrical engineers insurance policy.

While professional indemnity insurance may not be a legal requirement for all electrical engineers, when bidding for a contract, most companies will prefer an engineer that has this form of electrical engineers insurance in place. If you would like protection for work completed in the past, you can specify a retroactive date to ensure that you’re completely covered for that period.

Electrical Engineers Insurance from ConstructaQuote?

For electrical engineers insurance which includes all the cover you need and no superfluous, expensive extras, speak to the insurance specialists at ConstructaQuote. Call today for one-to-one information or simply fill out the easy-to-use quote request form above.

  • Flexible levels of cover available up to £5 million
  • Deal with experts – Dedicated PI experts
  • No turnover limit - Cover for all size of business
  • Professional Fees up to £250k
  • Superb claims service - Dedicated claims team will be on hand
  • Essential cover if you offer designs or advice
  • Flexible levels of cover available
  • Retroactive cover
  • Legal costs covered
  • Instant Quotes

If you’d like to find out more about electrical engineers insurance and how to protect your livelihood from life’s little disasters, please take a look at our FAQ page where you’ll find all sorts of helpful information.

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