A ‘What’s What?’ of insured celebrity body parts

Female legsHere at ConstructaQuote we specialise in open, honest and flexible public liability insurance, along with other essential, sensible policies for normal people. Some insurers, however, specialise in providing cover for less sensible things for people who are very much out of the ordinary.

Deep in the celebrity stratosphere risk and value work very differently. In celebrity land, your most valuable assets are all too often well…your assets. Many celebrities have been so conscious of this fact that they’ve had their body parts insured, just in case. Here are a few of the weirdest and most extravagant insurance policies that the A-list have blessed their best bits with…

Everyone dreams of that perfect Hollywood smile which makes even the scruffiest customer look a million dollars. Well, for some celebrities, their cheesy grin is worth a whole lot more than that. America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame has had her beaming gnashers insured for a whopping $10million! Let’s hope she doesn’t ever eat anything unexpectedly sour…

It’s great to be able to stand on your own two feet but, if those feet are attached to legs worth millions of dollars, you might want to be a little wary whilst doing so. A whole catalogue of the glitterati have had their precious pins insured, from supermodels to sports stars. The long list of even longer legs includes:

•    Jamie Lee Curtis, $2million
•    Mariah Carey, $1billion (yes, we know…)
•    Rhianna, $1million
•    Heidi Klum, $2.2million
•    Tina Turner, $3.2million
•    Fred Astaire, $150,000
•    David Beckham, $70million
•    Brooke Shields, quantity undisclosed (probably a lot)

When it comes to buttocks, Jenny from the block certainly didn’t get a bum deal. Jennifer Lopez’s posterior is apparently so integral to her income that she has taken out a $300million policy on the two gifts God gave her.

God certainly didn’t give Dolly Parton her prize assets, but she has had them insured nevertheless. The veteran country and western singer’s décolletage has been insured for $600,000 which seems fair enough after all the hard work her talented surgeon put in…

Chest Hair
Take a deep breath now. Sex-icon septuagenarian Sir Thomas Jones’ chest hair is insured for, wait for it, $7million. If anything, the ConstructaQuote team are concerned that this may not be enough to compensate for the hysteria, grief, carnage and catastrophe which would ensue should the Welsh sex bomb’s chest rug ever be lost.

For regular people with normal insurance needs, ConstructaQuote are always happy to help. We offer sensible, flexible, dependable and thorough public liability insurance policies to help you protect your livelihood (unless it happens to be your belly button). To find out more, please explore the rest of the site.

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