Vegetables: The root of all evil?

TurnipsChefs beware: a list of the UK’s most dangerous vegetables has been compiled and they are coming to take you down!

It’s difficult to qualify danger when it is represented by a vegetable. I suppose cut-ability must be one important factor. The tougher the skin, the more likely you are to completely remove your finger in a spurting torrent of blood. Apart from that I’m not too sure; maybe malevolence, menace, propensity for violence?

The survey, carried out by the online takeaway service Just-Eat, in conjunction with National Food Safety Week, has found that root vegetables top the danger stakes. Just under a quarter of respondents said they found the pumpkin toughest to skin and chop, whilst for overall danger, the treacherous swede topped the charts.

Two in five of the online poll’s two thousand recipients admitted to having sliced themselves whilst attempting to imitate TV chefs like Ainsley Harriot.

Sheila Merrill, public health advisor at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: “The kitchen is where some of the most serious accidents in the home occur and cuts are among the most common types of injury, with tens of thousands of people attending A&E every year as a result.

Good preparation is crucial when it comes to preventing kitchen accidents such as severe cuts, so make sure your knives are sharp and in a good condition. Use a vegetable peeler if you can and do not rush it.”

Essentially all the advice from the professionals boils down to one thing: you should never underestimate a vegetable; especially hard orange ones. Oh, and keep everything out of the hands of children as they’ll only hurt themselves. Knives, peelers and vegetables are not to be played with.

If you own a restaurant and vegetables are prepared in your establishment, you need employers’ liability insurance. What happens if chef goes and does himself an injustice with his favourite chopping knife? Well without employers’ liability insurance, you and the vegetables will find yourselves in hot water.

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