Sinkhole swallows Chinese minibus

A large potholeIt’s true that many British roads are falling into a state of disrepair, but at least things aren’t quite as bad as they are over in communist China, after a minibus driver is completely swallowed up by a sinkhole which opened up beneath his vehicle.

The hole, which measured a staggering 13 foot in length, 8 foot in width and 6ft in depth, opened up underneath the hapless driver as he cruised through the streets in Guilin, in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Without any warning the hole opened up beneath the minibus, completely engulfing the entirety of the van beneath the level of the road. As far as disappearing acts go, David Copperfield would have been hard pushed to better it.

Fortunately the driver was the only person travelling in the vehicle at the time and he was taken to hospital soon after, although the true extent of his injuries is not known.

According to local geologists, the road was weakened by recent heavy rain which had caused rising water underground to wash away much of the soil. The sinkhole has now been refilled with soil, which seems a bit like papering over the cracks when a more permanent solution should probably be called for.

And whilst we’re on the subject of papering over the cracks, this timely news comes as details of government proposals to privatise some of Britain’s ailing roads are released.

Cameron and chums’ plan, which thus far has not been met with much enthusiasm by the British public, is to sell of England’s major trunk roads and motorways to private companies, who will be free to levy pay-as-you-drive tolls on new roads and lanes they create.

If you’re a British van driver, make sure you have the van insurance cover you need to protect you from soon to be defunct British roads.

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