Protect your properties from inclement weather

There’s no two ways about it, weather wise, June has been an unapologetic disgrace. Hatches have been battened down for weeks and, with golf ball sized hailstones brutalising startled corners of the country and flash flooding appearing out of absolutely nowhere, it is only natural to be a little concerned about which new natural disasters are next.

For many landlords across the UK, the inclement weather has been a disaster. So, if July ignores this plea and bestows us with much of the same, here are some tips to help you protect your properties from the deluge.

Keep abreast of weather warnings

The Environment Agency, which has no doubt been rushed off its feet of late, provides regular updates to keep you in the know. If you’re not able to watch or listen to the weather forecast, then make your way to their helpful interactive flood map, which will show you if your properties are in any danger. If it is bad news, this forewarning can give you the time you need to put protective measures in place.

Inform your tenants

As a landlord, there’s obviously a limit to how much you can do. You’re not living in the property and may be based too far away to provide much assistance. The tenants in your properties are best placed to put plans into action and work as your first line of defence. In an ideal world you will have provided them with an information pack when they moved in, but if not, inform them of important information such as the location of fuse boxes and stopcocks.

Check your pipes

Taking a closer look at the joints and intersections of your pipes where leaks most often occur is a very good move. Prevention is far less costly than the cure after all. By conducting regular maintenance checks you can ensure that, whatever the British summer throws at us, your properties will be well equipped to deal with it.

And most importantly – make sure your landlord insurance provides you with the cover you need

If the elements unleash their true, unbridled fury and your property is in their path, there’s not all that much you can do about it. In this case you need to ensure your landlords insurance policy provides you with the cover you need, which is where ConstructaQuote can help. Find a great price on landlord insurance from the leading UK insurers today.

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