A Titanic Mistake?

IcebergMost of us try very hard not to make the same mistake twice but Aussie billionaire Clive Palmer is planning to splash out millions to do exactly that. The Australian mining tycoon hopes to complete his diesel powered replica of the ill-starred Titanic by the end of 2016. Let’s hope he has some very good public and employers’ liability insurance in place…

Following completion in its Chinese shipyard, the Titanic II will be escorted by the Chinese navy to the UK where it will begin its historic voyage the New York. There’s tempting fate and then there’s walking up to fate, greeting it warmly and inviting it in for tea and biscuits…

When asked whether the Titanic II could suffer the same fate of its predecessor, Mr Palmer comfortingly stated “Of course it will sink if you put a hole in it…if you are superstitious…you never know what could happen.”.

The new ship will be a very close replica of the original vessel above the waterline. Below deck the boat will incorporate state-of-the-art engineering including a fuel-efficient bulbous bow a bigger rubber and bow thrusters for extra manoeuvrability and an engine which runs on diesel, not coal.

Above deck, the ship will be laid out identically to the ill-fated original. With 840 rooms and 9 decks, the ship will epitomise glamour and elegance on the seven seas. Gyms, pools, libraries, fine dining and luxurious cabins are all planned to feature on board.

If this sounds like the crackpot scheme of a professional eccentric, you might be right. Mr Palmer is well known down under for his peculiar whims and the vast resources which allow him to make them a reality. After one particularly good financial year he bought Mercedes Benz for his top 55 performers.

If you are tempted by a cruise on Mr Palmer’s creation you will need to wait until 2016, by which time it might not seem like such a fantastic idea…In the meantime, let’s hope that Clive Palmer has invested in some very thorough public and employers’ liability insurance – and plenty of lifeboats too.

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