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Rickshaw raceA little known fact is that a rickshaw race through the centre of London is the safest mode of transport, particularly when the driver does not carry public liability insurance. Some contrary beings will try to tell you air travel is the safest way from A to B, but don’t listen to them. In a toss-up between a rickshaw and an Airbus A370, you’ll find the ConstructaQuote team whooping on the back of a rickshaw every time.

Md Islam, a 21 year old rickshaw driver from central London pleaded guilty to breaking section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, for riding his rickshaw erratically along Shaftesbury Avenue. Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard that Mr Islam was putting road users and pedestrians in danger as a result of “furiously racing another rickshaw”.

In a scene which may have looked like something out of the Steve McQueen epic ‘The Great Escape’, the defendant was spotted racing another rickshaw rider, weaving in and out of heavy traffic as he went.

It seems Md Islam’s passengers were untroubled by the lack of a public liability insurance policy, as they were reportedly egging on the runaway rickshaw driver, ‘screaming and shouting’ and trying to slap the hands of the passengers in the competing vehicle.

Having observed the three wheeled dash for some time, police decided it was time to raise the chequered flag on Islam’s exploits, arresting him on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Ordered to pay a £100 fine and £85 towards the costs of the prosecution, some would say Md Islam got off rather lightly; if he had an accident without public liability insurance in place then his very livelihood would have been at stake.

So the moral of this story: Firstly, don’t be daft; secondly, if you think you’re going to be accidentally daft make sure you have public liability insurance in place to cover you against the cost of a claim.

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