ConstructaQuote’s sexiest van insurance customers

Sexy van driverFirst a disclaimer: the following survey was commissioned by a real company and canvassed the opinion of actual human beings – terrifyingly, no part of this survey is made up!

If you’re noticing a little bit of extra sway in the swagger of your local white van man, there’s every chance he’s seen the results of this survey. In a poll of female road users to find the UK’s sexiest male roads users, it seems that van insurance customers, particularly white van men, are getting the pulses of female road users racing more than other drivers.

Van drivers slipped into the top spot ahead of other famed stud muffins such as sports car drivers, who had long been enjoying life in the fast lane, as the most spellbinding creatures on the UK’s roads. Drivers of convertibles also lost out as a result of the insuperable rise of the van driver. It seems female drivers are a sucker for a tea-stained vest, a tool belt, a copy of The Sun and the occasional whey-hey! And who’s to blame them?

You certainly can’t fault the researcher’s attention to detail, who delved even deeper to bring us the van manufacturer most likely to get women all revved up. It seems German efficiency is a modern day aphrodisiac with the Mercedes triumphing over the rather more stoic British LDV.

For those of you who have recently attempted to up your sexy quotient by buying an expensive sports car, you would be best served taking a trip back down to the showroom and trading it in for a dozen Renault Kangoos.

Is there anything women find sexier than a white van man? Yes there is – a white van man who has just saved a fortune on his van insurance policy. Here at ConstructaQuote we help you to do just that by scouring the UK’s leading insurers on your behalf.

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  1. Francesca says:

    I think there should be one for us ladies who drive vans too! I feel left out :)

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