Top 10 Epic Construction Fails

Here at, we thought we would brighten up your day by creating a list of top 10 epic construction failures.

I wonder where the site managers were to sign these jobs off?!  It just goes to show that some construction workers will do exactly what is asked of them no matter what the outcome is.

Anybody who previously thought that putting up a wall was a piece of cake, think again.  Any project obviously takes extensive planning or the resulting development could end up with a spot in one of these top 10 lists.

Although hilarious, some of these epic fails would have been extremely costly for the construction companies running the projects.  Not only from a financial aspect but for their reputation also. Let’s hope these companies had some good professional indemnity insurance to cover these obvious failings in design.

Poorly Constructed BridgePoor Building Example

Lamp post in the road

Balcony with no windowPhantom staircasebad staircaseTerrible buildingStrange toileteven stranger toiletSilly cctv camera

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  1. Dawn says:

    Loved them all.

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