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The Energy industry needs YOU

oil rigThe British oil and gas industry requires a whopping 120,000 new recruits if it’s going to reach its full potential, says a new study by PwC accountants.

The labour shortage is set to be discussed at the first Oil and Gas UK Skills Summit in Aberdeen on September 19. Mid-career workers are the most highly sought after and perhaps not surprisingly in such a tough, engineering based industry, women are not very well represented.

Dr Alix Thom, UK Oil and Gas employment and skills issues manager, said: "We've known in the industry for some time that there exists a 'skills gap' - where the demand for experienced skilled workers has outstripped the supply. The time has come to tackle this issue head-on if we are to guarantee a long-term future for the oil and gas industry in the UK."
PwC accountancy, who did the skills survey, believe the answer may be to create an Energy Academy, where workers are given the appropriate skill set for this sector, much like the Construction Skills and Manufacturing Skills academies.

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