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Getting going in accountancy

Aspiring accountants in the North-East now have the option of on-site apprenticeships, as a local training provider has launched a scheme which should see 1,500 new apprentices by 2015.
Currently the financial sector offers the fewest apprenticeships of any industry, but one accountancy firm is trying to help change this by allowing young people win their professional accountancy qualifications while working. 
Cassandra Macdonald, head of accountancy and tax apprenticeships at Kaplan Financial, believes these new opportunities will offer young people a cheaper alternative to academic training that prepares them for employment. She said: "These new apprenticeships are a really exciting option for bright young people looking for a credible alternative to university.
“With this route, students could be a fully qualified chartered accountant in just three to four years without the debts most of today's graduates are likely to incur.”
This is the first apprenticeship scheme designed by accountancy employers and it hopes to give more of a hands on experience than traditional programs.
Ms Macdonald added: "The apprenticeships have been designed by employers so firms can be reassured that their trainees will gain the right mix of skills and experience to be a real asset to their workforce."

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