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Cut up that red tape, says CBI

Red tape is strangling small business in BritainBritain’s compensation culture is crippling growth, according to the chairman of the Health and Safety Executive who has promised to reform the associated legislation.
Judith Hackitt said many of our health and safety laws belong to a different era and too many rules have been duplicated. Ms Hackitt believes that the standard of health protection would not be reduced by the removal of some of these laws.
She said: "We want to make it simpler for people to understand what they have to do. We want to take away that burden of bureaucracy that seems to get in people's way. What we are absolutely not doing is changing the standard."
The HSE’s recent review, which revealed that 84 per cent of health and safety laws are unnecessary or should be amended, supports her claims. Small businesses who are suffering due to the rising cost of small business liability insurance will welcome these changes.
Among the reforms promised is a lower proportion of winnings for “no win no fee lawyers” , as well as encouragement for insurance companies who fight cases where it is clear the allegation is untrue.

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