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Cabbies bring London to a standstill

London cab Olympics protestHundreds of London taxi drivers created a traffic nightmare in Westminster this week while protesting their exclusion from the road lanes dedicated to Olympic traffic. Black cab drivers are self employed and they say their earnings will be affected by the traffic lane restrictions.

The 200 strong convoy of black cabs brought the inner city to a standstill on Tuesday. They arrived at Parliament  Square in mid-afternoon and started their protest by slowing traffic and beeping their horns. Jonathan Myers of the United Cabbies union believes it’s “unacceptable” that cabs are not allowed to use the lanes, adding that “this is a working city and we need to get around and do our job.”

Transport for London transport commissioner Peter Hendy described the demonstration as “trumped-up" and said he has “no sympathy” for the taxi drivers involved.  The demonstration did not get complete backing from taxi drivers, with John Mason, Director of London Taxi and Private Hire calling the protest “completely irresponsible”.

He added “We strongly urge taxi drivers to ignore calls to join these unnecessary protests and instead show why they are regularly voted the best in the world.” Areas affected by the protest were Whitehall and Trafalgar Square, as well as Parliament Square.

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