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British Business Club

The Olympics will undoubtedly be the jewel in the crown of an amazing year for British sport (unless Bradley Wiggins wins the Tour de France) and something that will inspire UK sport for years to come. But what’s equally impressive is the fantastic job that British industry has done in preparing for the games with a massive construction programme and a vast network of service industry supporters. Now a new organisation has been created to share the opportunity of the Olympics with the wider business community.

As well as the army of British contractors that have delivered the Olympics under Sir John Armitt’s skilful leadership, Sir John has created another vehicle to spread Olympic opportunity among the entire British business community.  Together with UK Board of Trade and Industry and business organisations in London, Sir John launched the British Business Club this week as its president.

The British Business Club is a powerful business networking organisation that is open to international and British business. The Club aims to allow businesses to connect with business partners all over the world and to build networks of trusted suppliers and clients. The Club will create opportunities for businesses to connect and network during the unique period in time this summer when all eyes will be on London and the 2012 games. The club is free to join and if you want to get a slice of the Olympic business networking action you’re well advised to sign up now!

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