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Young disabled Trailblazers challenge estate agents

Boy in wheelchair using rampA disabled woman who spent a year living in temporary accommodation because she couldn’t find an accessible home, has joined a campaign calling on estate agents to meet the needs of their disabled customers.

Hannah Lou Blackall has joined the Muscular Dystrophy Trailblazers campaigners who campaign for the rights of young disabled people, to call on estate agents and landlords to improve services available to disabled people.

Miss Blackall has contributed to the campaign’s Locked Out report which was published last week and launched by the All Parliamentary Committee for Young Disabled People. The report was compiled from the experiences of 200 disabled 18 to 30 year-olds as well as the views of young disabled people who took part in 12 focus groups on their housing experiences.

The report found that as many as seven out of ten disabled people had difficulty in finding suitable accommodation and many had to individually view properties on websites to see if they could physically get through the door. Estate agents can do much more to make finding an accessible property easier – simply by improving the information on websites and in property details to make sure it covers disabled access.

The UK faces a massive shortage of properties accessible for disabled people and for those young people with disabilities wanting to live independently this can be extremely frustrating. You can get a copy of the Trailblazers report Locked Out on the Trailblazers campaign website.

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