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Electricians upskill as transport goes electric

Electric car rechargingAs the UK shifts to a low carbon economy and ‘decarbonises’ its fuel, electricity is going to power not only our lights but our transport as well. Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly popular, the technology has improved, battery life longer and there are tax breaks on the capital cost to help persuade us to make the change to electricity. But there’s one thing all new EV owners will need, and that’s a charging station – somewhere to plug in rather than fill up.

For electricians this means a new work stream in getting households and businesses set up with their own EV charging stations. Many power companies are already investing in pay as you go charging stations for the public to use (more in Europe than the UK as yet), installing these with a new army of electricians.

As well as commercial charging stations, there’s another important market electricians can capitalise on – charging stations at home and work. These charge electric vehicles much faster than a 13amp plug and have the advantage of being outside, close to the car. For electricians wanting to get up to speed on how to fit these, training is available from many industry sponsored providers. Ploughcroft Training, based in West Yorkshire, is one training provider offering new EV course.

Chris Hopkins, of Ploughcroft Training, said, ‘There are tremendous opportunities for professional electricians who want to be able to expand their skills and reap the benefits of new business opportunities in this area. We have already had a huge response to our new Electrical Vehicle charging station installation courses, with many more scheduled for the coming weeks.’

Ploughcroft are building a network of approved installers, who will be fully certified and approved to carry out installations of Rolec’s WallPod EV charging unit. They believe this is a potentially huge market for electrical engineers and will provide a new source of income for their installers across the UK.

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