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New eco-friendly M&S learning stores

Hands creating a house shapeM&S are revolutionising the way the retail sector thinks about sustainability with their new ‘learning stores’.

There are three of these stores being used to trial new sustainability methods - which include the use of recyclable materials in construction, environmentally friendly heating and the economical use of transport.

One of these outlets is based on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield. This store is entirely heated by its fridges, its toilets are flushed with rainwater and it has specialist pipes bringing natural light onto the shop floor.

During its construction, the store sent no waste to the landfill, while every brick was reclaimed from a disused mill in Manchester and the concrete floor was polished so there no need for coverings.

It is the first retail outlet in the UK where all lighting is LED and it has an industry leading score of 37.5 out of 40 with the Considerate Constructor’s Scheme.

It is difficult to argue with M&S when they say 'learning stores' are a blueprint of the future. The chain plan to launch two sustainable outlets every year.
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