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Cheaper roaming across the EU

girls with phones on holidayThe cost of mobile roaming  for everyone travelling in the European Union is to fall dramatically over the next two years, due to a new regulation passed by the European Parliament.

The new roaming legislation will place price caps on "rip-off" mobile data roaming charges from July 1. This will mean those travelling within the EU will have cheaper calls and access to data on smartphones and tablets.

Calls will now cost a maximum of 29 cents a minute to make and 8 cents a minute to receive, while Internet access will cost 70 cents per MB. Charges will continue to fall to 19 cents per minute for calls and 20 cents per MB for net access by 2014.

Consumer protection will also be improved, as operators will have to send a warning when bills for Internet use approach €50. Users will also be allowed to choose a different operator for roaming if they wish.

The Commission says these changes will have a positive affect on those travelling for business and pleasure. They said,"For a typical businessperson travelling in the EU this will mean savings of over €1000 [£803] per year. A family taking an annual holiday in another EU country can expect to save at least €200."

Holidaymakers and business people should be aware the changes do not affect those travelling outside of the EU. If you’re planning a trip abroad make sure your personal possessions including any portable electrical items or work equipment are covered with the right insurance and don’t forget to check you have the right level of cover with your travel insurance.

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