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Green deal for businesses on pause

Green clock in fieldBusinesses will have to wait even longer for the Green Deal, as the Government has postponed the scheduled October launch of this promising scheme.

The Green Deal is a financial initiative to support households, big companies and small businesses becoming more energy efficient and was due to be rolled out in October 2012. However, the Department of Energy and Climate Change have decided to delay the launch for businesses due to general confusion over requirements.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said one of reasons the launch is being put back for businesses is because requirements for commercial properties are more complex than domestic buildings.

She said, “It’s because some businesses have multiple sites, but they might take up a Green Deal loan for just one property and there are still questions about how to bill them. Assessments are more complex for commercial properties and some of the measures they will be introducing will be more specialised.”

The delay has been met with a mixed response. It has caused further confusion for small businesses already signed up to deliver technology and services under the Green Deal, while companies who are not signed up, now have extra time to align or develop skills to meet the requirements and accreditation.

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