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Do you watch what you tweet?

The judgment in the Chris Cairns Twitter defamation case last week confirms that complaints of online libel in the UK are definitely on the rise.

This case saw a British judge award £90,000 in libel damages to a New Zealand cricket player who claimed he had been defamed in a 24-word Twitter message by the ex-chairman of the Indian Premier League Lalit Modi. Modi also had to pay over £400,000 in legal costs.

Cairns’ case wasn't the first Twitter libel action to succeed in the UK; last year a Welsh politician, Colin Elsbury, was ordered to pay nearly £4,000 after tweeting that a rival had been ejected from a polling station by police.

With the U.K. fast becoming the “Twibel” capital of the world it has never been so important for small businesses to protect their reputation from online attack and to also protect themselves against defamation claims. Having top quality professional indemnity insurance will cover your business against such claims whether you are a non-stop tweeter or not.

This type of small business insurance not only takes care of defamation -covering complaints of libel and slander. It also includes cover for legal costs and compensation pay-outs over lawsuits relating to negligence, loss of documents, breach of duty, dishonesty and breach of confidentiality.

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