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What does office insurance cover?

Many small businesses are based in an office. This type of environment can be very busy and risks involved can be high. An office insurance policy is specifically intended to protect you, your business and your employees from such risks.

At you can tailor your policy to include the exact cover required to protect your business.

A standard office insurance policy includes public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance and buildings insurance.

Public liability insurance – If you have clients or customers coming in and out of your office, you should consider protecting yourself against any claims they may pursue against you. Public liability would cover claims made by members of the public who have suffered injury or illness or damage to their property directly caused by your business operations.

Employers’ liability insurance – As previously stated an office can be a very busy location, often with a large number of people working in a relatively confined space. Employers’ liability cover will provide protection for any claims made by employees who have suffered an injury or a work related illness. It is a legal requirement to purchase at least £5 million employers’ liability insurance if you have any employees working for you, but most insurers offer £10 million as standard.

Buildings insurance – Your building - where your office is based, can be covered from risks such as theft, fire and flooding. If such an occurrence took place, your business would not only incur additional costs to rectify the issues, your office may need to be closed until repairs were completed.

Contents insurance – This type of cover will secure the contents and equipment in your office. Fixtures and fittings can be included if required. It is expected that your office will contain a great deal of expensive and valuable equipment which are invaluable to the successful trading of your business. If your equipment was stolen or damaged as a result of fire or flooding, contents insurance would provide the relevant cover.

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