Van Insurance - a small business guide

Constructaquote VanIf a van is integral to your business it’s important that you find the right insurance for the right price. 2 in every 3 road accidents involve a business vehicle, so, just like your private motor insurance, it’s a legal requirement to cover yourself against third party insurance. 

Whether you are looking for basic third party or fleet insurance that covers multiple drivers, in and outside the UK, we’ll look at all the options and provide you with the information that you need to make the right choice.

What type of cover do you need?

Fire & Theft

No-one can account for fire damage or theft of a vehicle, but for a relatively small additional amount you will receive market-value should someone make off with your van!

Goods in Transit

From tools to stock, there’s a good chance you’ll be driving around with thousands of pounds worth of assets in the back of your van.  Speak to any tradesman that drives around with expensive tools in their van and they’ll have a story of someone trying to steal their prize possessions. Whether you carry tools, stock or expensive materials it could be vital to protect what you carry from damage or theft with Goods in Transit cover.

Breakdown Cover & Replacement Vehicle

If your van is your businesses lifeline you don’t want to be caught short. Breakdown recovery costs can be very expensive, especially for larger vans where the average cost of recovery can be up to 150% greater than that of a small van. If a van is vital to your business the cost of not having wheels for a week will be evident on your bottom line. Some insurers provide this as part of a bundle or as an added extra.

Some other Considerations

For some of our customers the level of van insurance chosen may extend far beyond the minimal legal requirements. In addition to the level of cover that you require, here are some other things to think about when you take out a policy:

Additional Drivers

With 80% of all work related road accidents involving an additional driver it is essential your workers are covered. Some policies will cover all your employees automatically, whilst others may charge for each driver. It’s always worth checking the small print here, especially if you are required to provide details and driving license copies for each employee.

Business Outside the UK

If you need to leave the UK as part of your business you will have to make sure you and your employees are covered to do so. Some policies require notification so it is always worth checking before you leave the country.

Fleet Cover

Although you can take out a policy for as many individual vans as you wish it may be better value to draw a fleet policy (which covers 3 or more vans). For more information please see the Fleet Insurance page.

How to Keep Your Insurance Costs Low

Here are some handy tips to keep your Van insurance costs as low as possible:

• The more your van weighs the more your policy will cost, so choosing a lower weight class of van will save you money

• Fitting an immobiliser and alarm not only protects you against thieves but will also reduce your policy costs

• Some van insurers will match your car insurance no claims bonus

• Have you driven a van for someone else? If so this may qualify you for a discount

• If you have 3 or more vehicles including vans, cars and/or motorbikes you can qualify for fleet cover which can give you the required level insurance at a cheaper cost than insuring each vehicle separately.

Getting the Best Deal

The secret to getting a good deal is to think about what matters to your business and to find the best deal to suit. provides a range of competitive quotes from a number of well-known insurers that are tailored to your requirements. Our van insurance quotes are presented in a clear and concise format, enabling you to select the van insurance policy that is right for you.

Where can I get more information on van insurance?

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