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What does employers’ liability insurance cover?

Confused LadyEmployers’ liability insurance provides businesses with protection from any claims made by current or past employees.

If you have any employees working for you, you are legally obliged to purchase employers liability insurance.

This type of cover will not directly protect your employees; it protects your business. It will cover the costs incurred from claims made by an employee who has suffered a work related illness or injury as a direct result of your business operations.

Types of claims covered by an employers’ liability insurance policy:

• A roofing company is carrying out work on a roof and an employee slips off the roof. The employee could make a claim against his employers for failing to provide safety barriers.

• An employee at a manufacturing company lost an arm when he/she reached in to unblock a machine. The employee could pursue a claim against you for failing to provide efficient training and correct guarding.

• An apprentice was injured on a construction site when a hammer fell onto his head. A claim could be made for failing to supply the apprentice with appropriate safety equipment.

• A builder suffered an illness as a result of refurbishing a building that contained asbestos which was discovered several years after the job was carried out. The builder could claim against the employer for failing to find out if there was asbestos present or for failing to handle it correctly.

You legally are required to purchase a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance cover (although most insurers provide £10 million as standard) if

• You have people under a contract of service.

• You deduct National Insurance contributions and income tax from the salary you pay someone.

• You control when, where and how people work.

• You have people ‘helping’ – working free of charge or apprentices.

• You supply the work materials and equipment.

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