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From small businesses to huge multinationals - everyone in business knows it can be a difficult balancing act to get everything done and still have a life, there are never enough hours in the day. The tools coming to market to exploit the mobile technology revolution are also easier to use and there’s just about one for every task facing anyone in business today.

The smart way to save time and manage everything, from company finances, to client relations, marketing and more is to use the right tools. Here’s a list of just a few of the thousands of applications for your mobile device that can help you stay organized and manage your business while you’re on-the-go. These apps are often free and really easy to use.

Documents To Go
Documents To Go is an application which allows you to view files remotely through your mobile device. The free version lets you view Microsoft Word and Excel documents and the paid version gives you access to Google Docs, as well as Adobe and PowerPoint documents. You can also upload, download, edit, and synchronize your documents with your desktop computer.

Numbers by Apple is one of the best mobile spreadsheet apps in the market. This app allows you to create clear, concise graphs and charts on your iPhone or iPad. It also offers you the capability to insert photos and import other spreadsheets from CSV, Excel or the Mac version of Numbers. You can also export your data to iCloud so you can access it in multiple locations. Especially if you currently use Excel or Numbers on your Mac, this app is a must-have.

Delivery Status Touch

This is an excellent app for businesses who require a large amount of shipping. Delivery Status Touch will organizes all your shipments from multiple carriers in an easy to read format. All that you have to do is enter the tracking number under the correct shipping carrier, and you can follow your packages until they arrive at their required location. This app will save you time as it will give you information on all your shipments, instead of you having to look it all up on multiple carrier websites.

Cam Card
If you attend events, trade shows, seminars, and meetings you probably collect a lot of business cards and it can be strenuous to manually add all of those people to your contacts list in your phone and email. CamCard allows you to can scan business cards and save them directly to your contacts list, so you don’t have to type a thing. The free version allows you to save 10 business cards the first week, and 2 cards each week thereafter. If you have more cards to scan, upgrade to the paid edition.

Invoice to go is the perfect application for anyone who needs to print invoices remotely. The free edition allows you to create and manage 3 invoices at a time, but for a relatively low cost, the full version allows you to and create and manage as many invoices as you want. It offers 20 different invoice designs and you can also customize your invoice, add your logo, change the position of fields, and more.

Mileage Tracker
This cheap app offers a handy way to keep track of your work-related mileage for expense reporting and tax purposes. You can separate mileage by client, vehicle, or account, and data can be synced with the Dropbox and Google Docs apps. 

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